Unlock the Power of Serialized Data

Achieve operational excellence and to increase the overall equipment efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing



Serialized medicines are the new normal for the global pharmaceutical industry. They are considered a powerful weapon in the fight against drug counterfeiting. The process of pharmaceutical serialization forms enormous complexity and can be also a preposition for supply chain disruption, costing you time and money.


How serialization data can help you to achieve operational excellence and increase the overall equipment efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing?


Take our serialization assessment and define better the need for improvement of overall efficiency to outstand from your peers.  As a thank you, we are giving away our 3-months SoftGroup® SaTT OEE Reporting Freemium program.

Serialization assessment and Industry Benchmark

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    How many employees are managing serialization operations?

    How many different target markets with different compliance requirements do you serve?

    How many products do you currently serialize?

    There are frequent product delays due to serialization issues

    The most common issues that my organization encounters during the serialization process are the following

    Do you have an automated way to monitor and measure serialization key metrics?

    As of today, the way to monitor serialization events across the drug supply chain at my company is highly manual

    As of today, it takes a significant amount of time and too many resources to resolve issues related to the serialization operation process.

    It is important to my company to identify major issues that cause production capacity losses

    Currently at my organization, the time needed for equipment set up by operators is not automatically monitored

    As of today, most frequent factors that require changeovers are not identified nor monitored through automatic application

    It is important to my company to capture planned and unplanned operation downtime

    Today there is no automated way to detect short duration interruptions and the reasons behind them during the serialization process

    How often do you experience losses due to changes in material, equipment or product?

    What is the percentage of equipment failure?

    Currently at my company, there is no process to identify most frequent reasons for equipment failure

    As of today, operation speed monitoring is not automated.