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[Webinar]: The backup plan for serialization


Learn how to protect your production efficiency


Many players in the pharmaceutical industry have been feeling the pain of serialization solutions that are not their “cup of tea”.

SoftGroup often hears from your peers about these struggles: overpromised and underdelivered capabilities, high rates of unexpected issues and bugs, unexpected costs for optional add-ons, or a late answer from the customer support.


If you are a pharma manufacturer and/or CMO and have a rising problem with your current serialization solution provider, you really need a backup solution.

Watch on-demand this 30-minute webinar and find out our proposal for better protection of your production efficiency.


You will learn


  • What are the most common problems that pharmaceutical companies have to overcome so far?
  • What to watch out when you choosing your serialization vendor?
  • How SoftGroup works
  • SoftGroup’s proposal for better protection of your production efficiency


Ask Your Questions


Besides the webinar’s video recording is available on-demand, you can ask your questions at any time. SoftGroup’s experts will clarify any of the issues surrounding the vendor’s selection process or switching to another provider. Send your questions at the sales@softgroup.eu



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