webinar uzbekistan track and trace

[Webinar]: Uzbekistan Track & Trace Requirements

This is your event if you want to understand what is up to you regarding the mandatory labeling requirements for Uzbekistan market!     Resolution No. 149 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 2, 2022 “On the introduction of a system of...

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[Webinar]: Food Supplements Serialization

This is your event if you want to understand what is up to you regarding the food supplements serialization!     A large range of industries already met the serialization or are in process of developing traceability systems. The Food Supplements Industry is facing the serialization requirements now...

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[Webinar]: From A to Z of Track and Trace

If you want to learn in details and understand the Track & Trace world, this is your event!   The online event was with educational focus and met the attendees with the end-to-end traceability technology in real production.   The video materials provided all information about traceability systems –...

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[Webinar]: The backup plan for serialization

  Learn how to protect your production efficiency   Many players in the pharmaceutical industry have been feeling the pain of serialization solutions that are not their “cup of tea”. SoftGroup often hears from your peers about these struggles: overpromised and underdelivered capabilities, high rates of unexpected issues and...

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printing technology and printers for serialization

[Webinar]: Tips of the iceberg in pharmaceutical serialization

  Learn everything you always wanted to know about printing technology, printers, and printing cartridges   A problem with the supplementing equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing can sometimes be the tip of the iceberg. With more than a year after the Falsified Medicines Directive came effective in Europe and many...

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serialization solution regarding Russia compliance

[Webinar]: Keep the pace of Russian Track & Trace

Learn how the new serialization requirements in Russia will affect the manufacturing and be prepared!   In the last years, the serialization landscape has undergone an overall change, with a huge count of new regulations coming into force. It's not a secret that the implementation of the...

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