intermediate esg alignment softgroup

SoftGroup has been evaluated as “Intermediate” for its Overall ESG alignment

SoftGroup underwent an analysis of ESG criteria that measure the ethical impact and sustainability of investment in a company


Earlier this year, SoftGroup underwent an analysis of ESG criteria that measure the ethical impact and sustainability of investment in a company. The overall performance of our company was examined at three levels: environmental, social and governance. The results from the monitoring concluded that SoftGroup has Intermediate ESG Status and Progressive SDG Maturity Level.


Evaluating the robustness of our company`s governance mechanisms and our ability to manage the environmental and social risks effectively, the data shows that our responsible development is the following stages:


  • Environmental – 44%
  • Social – 54%
  • Governance – 67%


Various indicators measured the overall ESG status in the three levels. On the Environmental level were examined the resources, waste management, carbon footprint and land& biodiversity. Regarding the social level, under assessment went the diversity and inclusion of the company, as well as the work environment, labour conditions and rights protection. The last Governance level covered the performance of corporate policies, regulatory compliance, ethical relationships with suppliers & subcontractors, and the anti-corruption & transparency procedures.


The sustainability monitoring report indicates SoftGroup`s current alignment with the relevant goals of the United Nation`s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – SDGs. The SGDs that are generally aligned with the company are:


sustainability goal good health and well-being Good health and well-being

sustainability goal industry innovation and infrastructure Industry, innovation and infrastructure

sustainability goal responsible consumption and production Responsible consumption and production

sustainability goal climate action Climate action

sustainability goal partnerships for the goals Partnerships for the goals


At the end of the impact report, SoftGroup received recommendations regarding the needed improvements in the future. The report was carried out by Urban Impact Ventures, a transformative investor on a mission to improve urban quality of life in Europe that based our assessment on proprietary models developed by uIMPACT.




About the uIMPACT


uIMPACT is a self-reporting for assessment of the environmental, social and governance status of companies and their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals at certain levels of impact realization. The service provided by uIMPACT is based on proprietary methodology and long-standing expertise in the domain of sustainability development and impact investing.