Author: Maria Docheva

pharma industry zero carbon emissions

[Blog] Mission: Zero carbon emissions

The sustainable environment is a subject under consideration for all participants in the supply chain for a long time.   We outlined the key first “green steps” from the Pharma industry in our free whitepaper. They could be the beginning of the road towards environmentally friendly manufacturing...

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[Blog] 360-degree visibility in action

  When we mention the topic “traceability”, the term “visibility” comes automatically in our minds   It`s normal because the idea behind the implementation of track & trace systems is to be achieved a real-time view of the supply chain, by which the route of the products could...

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[Webinar]: From A to Z of Track and Trace

If you want to learn in details and understand the Track & Trace world, this is your event!   The online event is with educational focus and will meet you with the end-to-end traceability technology in a real production.   The course will provide all information about traceability system...

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[Whitepaper] Key steps towards safe and sustainable pharma packaging

The Pharma industry makes steps towards utilizing sustainable practices in packaging for years.   Due to the complex nature of the industry, the steps are small but definitive towards sustainable packaging. It`s important to mention that the environmental impact of pharma packaging is small compared with other...

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Press release by SoftGroup

[Press Release] SoftGroup launches an educational platform to keep its clients at the forefront of serialization, aggregation, and traceability

30th August 2021   SoftGroup, the best-in-class end-to-end traceability technology provider in the CEE region, announced the launch of its entirely new platform with on-demand educational material, how-to product videos, a regulatory compliance section, live expert sessions and many more.     All the resources will be at disposal of...

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[Blog] Serialization: Expectations vs. Reality

  What were the expectations of serialization? What did happen in reality?   We have discussed serialization`s challenges before and we could definitely say that because of their diverse nature and different level of difficulty, the individual supply chain participants adapt and deal with them in various ways....

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[Whitepaper] Top 10 security advantages of cloud services

Cloud services are gaining traction. Because of their nature, the pharma industry is still looking with disbelief at them. We want to prove to you that the cloud-based solution could be as secure as this on-premises. “There are two sides to the coin”, let`s get...

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supply chain traceability

[Blog] Is the Supply Chain Traceability a “must”?

Yes, traceability is a “must” nowadays.   In recent years people and industries have put trust in track and trace systems for the good of the whole supply chain. The definition for traceability is simple – the process of tracking the origin and the whole way of...

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Unprecedented benefits by combining serialization and aggregation dovema case study

[Case study]: Unprecedented benefits by combining serialization and aggregation

Unprecedented benefits by combining serialization and aggregation of  DOVEMA, s. r. o. – Focused on Safety and Quality in Contract Manufacturing     Customer Profile Dovema is a Czech-based pharmaceutical company, operating for over 2 decades with a focus on providing high-quality pharmaceutical production and special transport of medicines. The...

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