Press release by SoftGroup

SoftGroup is officially recertificated as an Integrator of Track & Trace Software and an Approved Solution Provider of CRPT


For another year, SoftGroup has become recertificated Integrator of Software and Approved Solution Provider and Partner of CRPT Russia


The recertification process is part of Russia’s National Track and Trace Digital System initiative. The CRPT is a public-private partnership that manages Russia’s National Track and Trace Digital System, also known as Chestny ZNAK.


SoftGroup completed the recertification process successfully, demonstrating that the SoftGroup SaTT Solution covers all requirements of CRPT. The assessment was based on the performance of our full-stack traceability solution`s functional capabilities. From the SNs generation to requesting and receiving the cryptographic protection, our team went through the process and functionalities. Moreover, the printing quality and reporting functionalities were examined.


We are glad to be defined as an all-in-one, user-friendly serialization and aggregation provider. We deliver traceability solutions for pharmaceutical companies worldwide, and such assessment proves the high quality of our products and services.



More about the solution


Learn more about SoftGroup® SaTT solutions and see how SoftGroup provides pharmaceutical companies with outstanding flexibility and the possibility for customization while eliminating the uncertainty of high costs and time-extensive implementations, please get in touch with the company’s track and trace experts.



About SoftGroup


SoftGroup is a software company that provides end-to-end traceability technology to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Our solutions cover all levels of the Track & Trace process, including aggregation processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing.


SoftGroup is a Certified Gateway Provider and Trusted partner of the European Medicine Verification Organization (EMVO) and Bulgarian Medicine Verification Organization (BgMVO) and a trusted partner of GS1 Healthcare.


SoftGroup is a recipient of several prestigious awards for quality and innovation in the CEE region. It applies cutting-edge technologies to ensure its customers with the most agile solutions up to their serialization and aggregation needs.