Press release by SoftGroup

[Press Release] SoftGroup placed the first container for collecting plastic caps in Business Park Sofia

29th June 2023

At the beginning of 2023, SoftGroup put the start of the joint contest “We Build our Future Together” with ACS. The winning project is designed by Julia Dobreva and Iva Ivanova, Class of 2024, in American College Sofia. In the last 2 months, they managed their project and turned it into reality.


Yesterday in the presence of representatives of SoftGroup, American College Sofia, and Business Park Sofia, the container was officially placed in the heart of the largest office park in Central and Eastern Europe.


SoftGroup, Business Park and American College Sofia


The idea behind the design is to not only serve as a cap container for Sofia’s Business Park but to act like a piece of art available for the public.


Venelin Dimitrov and Julia Dobreva


The container is about to be registered as an official point of collection of plastic caps supporting the campaign “Caps for the future” which donates infant incubators, medical equipment, and specialized children’s ambulances to hospitals across Bulgaria by collecting and recycling plastic caps.


The authors of the design implemented the idea of the campaign sharing that

“Our design is chosen not only to create a form of art installation for the public space of Business Park Sofia, but also to make a connection with the cause. In Bulgaria, bottle caps are collected and recycled to raise money for incubators intended for premature babies. We wanted to highlight the connection between children and our container, so we decided to aim for a fun design that would remind people of their childhood.”


Container for plastic caps in Business Park


Our company places social responsibility and care for nature at the center of its policy. The contest “We Build our Future Together” is an act of commitment to sustainability, declaring our long-standing goal to leave a positive footprint and a legacy – both for the present and the future. Moreover, our company is glad to have the chance to motivate the development of human potential and creativity to achieve socially significant results.