Press release by SoftGroup

SoftGroup sponsored the 2nd International Congress and Exhibition Pharma Uzbekistan & Central Asia


23rd November 2023


For a second year, SoftGroup took part in the International Congress and Exhibition Pharma Uzbekistan & Central Asia. The event was held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, gathering senior executives overseeing investment projects, major pharmaceutical manufacturers, government officials, regulators, technology providers, equipment suppliers, engineering, and construction firms, as well as service providers.


SoftGroup sponsor Pharma Uzbekistan



“SoftGroup was a sponsor for a second year of the International Congress and Exhibition Pharma Uzbekistan because we value the significant importance of bringing awareness to the Track & Trace need and benefits for the pharma supply chain in the CIS region. This is a place with great potential for development where the need for modernization and digitalization is fully realized. We are glad to support such a unique international platform whose focus this year was the future of cloud-driven innovations for the Pharma industry and more specifically how digital transformation impacts the whole supply chain, in which field we have long-term proven expertise.” shared Andrey Atanasov, CRO/ Director Business Development and Sales.


SoftGroup presented on Pharma Uzbekistan


The two-day event provided the opportunity both for networking and sharing knowledge through various presentations. As a leading and proven technology provider, SoftGroup participated in the second session “Innovative Trends” where Daniela Hristova, Manager Business Analysis Team at SoftGroup, presented the topic “SATT PLATFORM – the future of cloud-driven innovations for the Pharma industry”, spotlighting how the digitalization could bring value-added business innovations, revolutionizing the pharma supply chain. At the end of the panel discussion, SoftGroup shared its know-how regarding the impact of centralized data management and process optimization.


Daniela Hristova presented on Pharma Uzbekistan


Moreover, SoftGroup`s representatives used the networking part to strengthen the current relations and build mutually beneficial cooperations with the participants from all around the CIS region. As a provider of full-stack solution that covers both hardware and software solutions, SoftGroup had the opportunity to discuss highly complex cases, answering all the questions regarding emerging regulations and cutting-edge technologies.


SoftGroup continues to follow the journey of Uzbekistan toward a modern, innovative, and secure Pharma Supply Chain, discussing the situation with representatives of Uzbekistan`s regulatory bodies to share our longtime know-how and exchange experience. Furthermore, the company also tracks the enhancement of traceability systems in other CIS region countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. During the last months, SoftGroup solutions for all these three markets were successfully certified and already onboarded ensuring the compliance with the requirements and global standards.