[Webcast]: How SoftGroup helps clients to realize what their production specifically needs?



Video Interview: Aggregation – How SoftGroup helps clients to realize what their production specifically needs?


The webcast is intended for all supply-chain participants in the Pharma industry, who have taken steps or are about to implement the aggregation in their business process. The implementation of aggregation in manufacturing is accompanied by a lot of moving pieces. The right and effective choice for aggregation equipment and software is a key moment for every business. During the webcast SoftGroup will discover the full list of each business analysis`s steps and how thanks to them we find and propose the most cost-effective solution.


Date of release: 29 July 2021


Time of release: 2:00 P.M. (CET)


Duration: 35 minutes 


Language: English




Webcast Agenda:


aggregation solution interview



Andrey Atanasov – Head of Business Development @SoftGroup 

andrey atanasov business development softgroupAs Head of Business Development, Andrey Atanasov is responsible for discovering new business areas and opportunities for SoftGroup with a focus on growing the existing results and expanding the company on new niches fields. Using his experience in IT solutions(almost 10 years) and acquired PhD degree in software analysis and certification, Andrey is always able to invent (propose) new solutions and/or adapt an existing product according to the customer requirements and the legal regulations.

Despite his many travels visiting existing and potential customers and partners abroad, he is always helping all SoftGroup’s teams with the operational part of the projects.



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