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[Blog] Mission: Zero carbon emissions

The sustainable environment is a subject under consideration for all participants in the supply chain for a long time.


We outlined the key first “green steps” from the Pharma industry in our free whitepaper. They could be the beginning of the road towards environmentally friendly manufacturing and processes. In the article below, we discover how exactly the situation is going and in which concrete aspects have seen the improvements.



We could definitely say that the Pharma industry could be benefited in various ways by implementing “environmentally friendly policies”.  In fact, from an economic point of view, reducing carbon footprint in manufacturing eliminated the possibility of fines for excessive carbon emissions and reducing carbon taxes for produced CO2. From a political/ corporate point of view, the “environmentally friendly” practices not only lead to efficiency but enhance the brand and enhance customers` trust.



Speaking of the pharma industry, we have to mention that everything is tied up. Check out what we mean. It may be observed that there is a movement towards local production and sourcing through the repatriation of supply chains into Europe and the USA. This will impact the Pharma sector and its future because of the ongoing investments (in Europe) and labor market development. All of this in turn will lead to more rigorous processes regarding environmental policies and requirements. The end result should be positive reducing drastically the CO2 emissions.



Technology development is always “a must” topic for the pharma industry. However, regarding environmental protection, the implementation of track and trace solutions has a positive impact. The replacement of the huge and unnecessary infrastructure with a new modern IT system benefits every supply chain participant reducing their produced carbon emission.



How the actions towards tracking emissions would be an advantage as pharmaceuticals as for the environment? It will be possible to …


Calculate the CO2 footprint per item – this will give a better perspective about packaging materials, losses and opportunities for analysis and saving plan

Track the expiry date of drugs – this should impact the waste reduction as well as it will lead to decreasing in transport expenses, performing of unnecessary processes across the supply chain

To combat better the counterfeiting of drugs – producing fake medicines affects not only the healthcare industry but also the sustainable production and working conditions standards



Pharmaceuticals realize the need for actions regarding the production of CO2 emissions. As we previously said “with small but definite steps”, they address the situation. The improvement of ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) by better ecological footprint management and diversity enhancement are some of the key goals for pharma companies towards the this mission – zero emissions.