[Blog] Pharma Manufacturing Trends #2022

Regardless of the pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry and the processes in it are progressively developing and taking new directions in 2022.   We are welcoming 2022 with positive expectations and more substantial confidence that this year will bring the expected benefits for all businesses. In 2021, the...

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digitalization pharma industry trends

[Blog] Pharma Digitalization – Trends #2022

As the end of the year is coming, it is time to look at the trends in pharma manufacturing for 2022.   The expected volume that the Pharma industry will reach next year is $1.5 trillion. Despite the COVID-19, this industry is constantly investing in digitalization, developing...

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dscsa serialization requirements

[Blog] DSCSA 2023 – what is coming?

Key areas of DSCSA`s new requirements   The announcement that FDA officially confirmed the DSCSA 2023 Interoperability Deadline is a hot topic. The new requirements affect different aspects of track and trace process and meantime challenge all supply chain participants. Now is the time to meet the...

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interoperability pharma

[Blog] Understand the meaning of “interoperability”

  Interoperability - the road towards Connected Healthcare   If you are in the pharma world, we are sure that you meet the word “interoperability” at least once a day. Definitely, this term became trendy, especially over the past year regarding the new DSCSA requirements. However, we should...

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brazil anvisa requirements deadline

[Blog] Brazil ANVISA Deadline is Official

28th April 2022 is the official deadline for meeting Track & Trace requirements as the Brazil Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) has approved its final Normative Instruction (NI 100). The date is set and all pharma supply chain participants have just 6 months from now to...

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cloud services challenges

[Blog] Challenges in front of cloud services

Key challenges in front of cloud services that you have to take into account   According to research in 2022, the global public cloud services market is expected to grow by approximately 22%, which amounts to about 482 billion U.S.D. Moreover, focusing on the pharma industry, the...

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[Blog] Traceability systems – more than just Track & Trace

Organizations that start implementing traceability can begin to take advantage of the radically increased insight and control they have over how their products are manufactured and distributed.   We have been already discussed the fundamental impact of traceability systems on the different industries and the various supply...

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