eudamed modules

[Blog] EUDAMED – the key role of each module

EUDAMED is a secure web-based portal acting as a central repository for information exchange between national Competent Authorities and the Commission in accordance with the MDR & IVDR Regulations. The intended purpose of EUDAMED is to compile and provide information for the manufacturing, distribution, certification...

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[Blog] Bonus tips: Approach to evaluate a vendor in totality

How to evaluate a serialization and aggregation vendor?   How to evaluate which is the best vendor for your business? For what to watch out for during the vendor assessment? How to evaluate a vendor in totality?   Find the answers to these questions in our Bonus Tips Paper     Engineering assessment   Each...

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trends in the pharma packaging for 2021

[Blog] Trends in the pharma industry #2021

The trends in the pharma industry are from different aspects and greatly dynamic, especially nowadays. The COVID-19 put inevitably its impact on the pharmaceutical companies and affected the tendencies in the pharma. The pharmaceutical packaging market is growing. Prognostic data shows that in 2019 the...

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