australia track and trace

[Blog] What will bring January 2023 for Australia?

Discover Track & Trace Requirements for Australia           Till January 2023, the serialization and use of data matrix are optional for manufacturers and sponsors supplying medicines in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Order - Standard for labels of prescription and related medicines (TGO) No.91 and TGO No.92 documented...

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cloud computing in pharma industry

[Blog] Cloud Technology in Pharma – overview and impact

Cloud solutions build a scalable IT environment for Pharmaceuticals, transforming and benefiting the whole business processes.             Overview   During the last few years, the pharma industry has had to rethink the approaches and working models commonly used. Digital transformation is still a hot topic in the supply chain....

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barcodes types

[Blog] Barcodes – meaning, types, usage

    The invention of barcodes changed the Pharma industry and made traceability achievable.           In your everyday life, you usually don’t notice that barcodes are everywhere – on your food, medicines, water, etc. There is a reason why they are there. Barcodes have a significant role in the...

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microsoft azure sustainability pharma

[Blog] Microsoft Azure – accelerate sustainable progress and growth

    An innovative technology solution could help reduce environmental impact while serving your business processes           It is easy to say “we go green”, but is your business friendly for the environment? Many companies use this approach to strengthen their brand awareness. However, there are businesses where sustainability...

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resilient pharma supply chain

[Blog] Resilience in Pharma – a pivotal necessity in the supply chain

    As global and more complex, pharmaceutical supply chains need a significantly more resilient business climate.           Causes of origin   Pharma supply chain is with complex character in the first place. But COVID-19 sparked more significant challenges, highlighting the need for companies to build a resilient supply chain. Starting...

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