greece italy eu fmd

[Blog] Italy and Greece – EU FMD Implementation Update

  In less than a year the 6-year extension period for FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive)  implementation in Italy and Greece will end. After this date, the FMD 2011/62, the European directive on falsified medicines, will come into force in both countries. Here is an overview of...

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uk track and trace medicines

[Blog] Insights from the UK MHRA Guidance under the Windsor Framework

Navigating Medicinal Product Labelling Changes: Insights from the UK MHRA Guidance under the Windsor Framework             On 29 September 2023, the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) published further guidance (“MHRA Guidance”) on changes to labelling and packaging for medicinal products intended for the UK market (including...

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FDA announces compliance policy guidance for drug distribution security

[Blog] DSCSA Postponement for 2024

  Discover what stands behind the DSCSA postponement for 2024 - Key track and trace requirements ahead           In 2023, the FDA announced that the deadline for DSCSA`s enforcement will be extended to November 2024. In the published Compliance Policy Guidance, it is stated that the extension of...

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Serialization deadline in Jordan expanded by JFDA

[Blog] JFDA announced a new serialization deadline

  JFDA extended the implementation deadline for DataMatrix and serialization on secondary packaging on regulated pharmaceutical products until 31 March 2024   Jordan Food and Drug Association (JFDA) published a new circular regarding barcoding and serialization on secondary packaging on regulated pharmaceutical products. In the document is stated...

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Upcoming Pharma Regulations 2024

[Blog] Pharma Regulations: What will the Pharma industry face in 2024?

  Discover the upcoming track and trace deadlines and requirements ahead of the Pharma industry in 2024   As an industry with a crucial impact on consumer safety, the Pharma industry faces new regulatory regulations and requirements almost continuously. Regarding track and trace of medicines, in 2024 Pharmaceuticals...

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pharma trends for 2024

[Blog] Pharma Industry Trends 2024

  Discover the most crucial trends ahead of the Pharma industry in 2024   Talking about the future, we could declare the pharma industry is one of the most future-driven industries. The impact of digitalization significantly influences Pharmaceuticals due to а large set of applicable technologies and solutions...

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What is an SSCC number in Pharma

[Blog] SSCC – the power of standardization in the pharma industry

  In the complicated world of pharmaceutical logistics, precision and traceability are crucial. You have probably heard the acronym SSCC. Certainly, you ask yourself or google what does SSCC stand for? The acronym is short for Serial Shipping Container Code.   This barcode emerges as a pivotal player...

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3 crucial Microsoft Azure technology benefits for Pharma

[Blog] 3 crucial Microsoft Azure technology benefits for Pharma

  In the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, going ahead requires cutting-edge technology that not only meets regulatory standards but also accelerates innovation.   Microsoft Azure has emerged as a game-changer for the Pharma industry. Its strong set of tools brings lots of advantages, changing how pharmaceutical...

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dietary supplements regulations worldwide

[Blog] Regulations` mosaic: A look at dietary supplements requirements

Dietary supplements are products containing concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances such as vitamins, minerals, products of animal origin, amino acids, metabolites, etc.             The definition of these products is different according to the country. In China they are called Health food, in the EU –...

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