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[Blog] The interaction between Microsoft Azure and the Pharma industry

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure provides a solution that enables efficiency improvement, cost management and business model.







In our long-term experience, the main goal behind our actions was to provide the best solution for our customers. To deliver such products and services, we are constantly looking for new technologies to improve efficiency, strengthen the business and ensure the supply chain. Pharmaceuticals are facing enormous challenges in the fight against drug counterfeiting and optimizing the process along the supply chain. The Microsoft Azure Infrastructure provides a solution that enables efficiency improvement, cost management, and the business model.



prediction Prediction


If you want a robust and secure business process, you must reinforce it in the “beginning”. Prediction of errors, downtimes and unstable environments are some of the most often issues that occur and are the reason for liability in the pharma manufacturing. Azure technology ensures the manufacturing level in various ways:


  • providing better data and data management
  • mitigating the risks with data origin
  • improving the custody chain
  • lower costs regarding the relevant predictive maintenance of hardware



global compliance Global compliance


The pharma industry is one of the most impacted business niches regarding regulations. The rigid regulatory frameworks are a “daily routine” for pharmaceuticals. For this reason, they need practical solutions that streamline the data and processes, minimizing the margin of errors. Microsoft Azure is such technology that improves quality control, minimizes data leakage and facilitates compliance with stringent regulations.



agile supply chain Agile and matured supply chain


In the long run, these actions reflect on the whole process. Azure infrastructure provides an opportunity for more strategic decision-making, ensuring the faster and safer distribution of products, more efficiently scaling out and modernizing delivery. The acceleration of time allows pharma companies to hasten their production timelines and go-to-market activities.



control Control


One of the most controlled industries is pharma, which should be that way. Microsoft Azure allows real-time visibility to the next level. By advanced connection of devices, this technology provides more accessible access to precise control over their production environment and processes. Moreover, the cloud capabilities of Azure enable the conduction of automated and structured experiments/tests in running production, predicting anomalies.


The Azure-based solution offers the necessary tools for managing and scaling your traceability solution more efficiently.