Press release by SoftGroup

[Press Release] SoftGroup embraces a sustainable future while focusing on progress and growth

14th June 2023

The second Sustainability report for 2021-2022 shows SoftGroup commitment to responsible development


SoftGroup announced its second edition of the Sustainability report for 2021-2022


The company is a leader in the Pharma industry in the CEE region. It provides a complete cycle of Track and Trace solutions, including Serialization and Aggregation for eliminating counterfeit drugs.


Embracing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the company sets forth comprehensive objectives and action plans across environmental, social fields and governance.

According to the second Sustainability report for 2021-2022 SoftGroup reached Advanced ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Status. The company successfully improved its Maturity level, reaching Aligned SGD Maturity.


SoftGroup increase its performance in each of the 3 fields within the time frame between the first and second Sustainability reports.


The areas that are usually part of the report are:

  • Sustainable industrialization and digitalization
  • Commitments to improving well-being and healthy lives
  • Promoting productive employment and inclusion
  • Revitalizing partnerships for sustainable development
  • Gender equality


Digitalization as a part of SoftGroup`s sustainability and transformation plans

The aspiration to be responsible and sustainable, started the process of replacing some traditional paper materials with digital ones. The adoption of digital solutions aligns with the company`s broader mission of embracing sustainable practices throughout its processes on different levels.


SoftGroup is open and dedicated to the process of making steady partnerships. A lot of our new partners stand out for their commitment and attention they pay to the issues of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Digitalization is an inevitable part of all this because it is the only option for taking care of nature in a smart way.


It is vital to be compliant with our partners about the importance of sustainability in our daily work life. We strongly appreciate their support. We believe that the excellent performance we got from the second Sustainability report is influenced by all sustainable-oriented partners.


This is why SoftGroup relies on good communication and smart digitalization at every level of the company`s structure.

“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh