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[Blog] The reflection of Azure technology application on the overall business performance

Based on the analysis and monitoring of the use of Azure technology in track and trace solutions, we can share how the combination of SoftGroup’s and Microsoft`s technologies can impact corporate management of the various resources and business performance.








Our experience of face-to-face interaction with the application of Azure technology in our solutions gave us different perspectives on the subsequent benefits and profits that our customers receive. At the end of the day, everything comes up to the overall business performance. The main goal in front of business leaders is to find the ideal balance between operational and financial efficiency. Specifically, the track and trace solutions could cause significant disturbances and disruptions in the various aspects of the company, if you are not aware of the total resources (cost, effort, knowledge, time, etc.) that you have to put aside for the successful implementation of the solution that you chose.






We always say that the track and trace solution must be customizable due to the different companies` specifics and needs. However, by “specifics and needs” we are talking about both specific characteristics of the company`s infrastructure & processes and the planned/ allocated budget.


Using Azure technology, we successfully developed a solution that is highly adaptable to the budget. Such adaptability ensures financial efficiency while improving operational efficacy. This in turn maximizes the value of the investment. According to our research, SATT PLATFORM®, SoftGroup`s solution built on Azure, provides more than 80% savings compared to other traditional/ on-premises solutions.



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Advanced Central Management System


Thanks to Azure`s unparalleled scalability and flexibility, companies are enabled to scale their operations. Companies that manage serialization data know that painless and effective management of such data is required to have exceptional flexible solutions.


The Azure technology in SATT PLATFORM® supports the provision of advanced serialization & aggregation management, and efficient central management of a wide range of resources. Such functionalities ultimately enhance the productivity of enterprises and empower them to level up. Whether handling a ton of data, running complicated tests, or adjusting to changes in the amount of work, Azure’s cloud infrastructure ensures advanced management and subsequent optimal performance.




Transparency on the next level


Transparency and visibility are terms that stay at the foundation of the counterfeiting concept.


Once again, Microsoft Azure`s scalability enters into force enabling SATT PLATFORM® to be effortlessly integrated with third-party systems. This in turn has a significant business impact enhancing the establishment of the crucial coherence between all supply chain participants and enhancement of end-to-end transparency. SATT PLATFORM® eliminates vendor-locking situations which are typical for the traditional track and trace solutions, and are the reason for many business and process distortions.




Simple and secure regulatory compliance process


Regulatory compliance with the current and emergent requirements could be a pain in the neck for each business that faces it. With so many demands, the struggle to be in compliance is significant.


For us, this all is in the past because the Azure technology allows SATT PLATFORM® to transform regulatory compliance into a business-friendly process. How? From the first hand, it is fully compliant with mature and emergent regulatory requirements. On the other hand, it is in full “standby mode” to meet entirely brand-new requirements and ensure a swift response to market demands.



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Data Security


Track and trace is a process where the most crucial element is the data. Serialization data on the cartons, aggregation data on the boxes, data exchange among supply chains, data reporting to the respective authorities, and so on. Data, data, and again DATA.


Having this in mind, one of the most important topics for business leaders is data security. For the business any kind of data breach and exchange outage could cause enormous damage starting from financial losses and reaching irreparable reputational discreditation.


In a field where keeping information safe and following rules is super important, Microsoft Azure stands out. The system follows strict security rules, making sure that important information is safe. With a significant investment in cybersecurity and compliance, Azure provides SATT PLATFORM® with robust security features that reduce errors, delegate access and manage security policies for resources using role-based access control, reduce management overhead and risk exposure through integrated security and governance tools for data.


Furthermore, the high level of security maintains the integrity and confidentiality of track and trace data. Azure`s capabilities in backing up systems and data to the cloud, along with virtual system testing, ensure that track and trace systems are always operational, minimizing downtime and potential disruptions to the supply chain.




SATT PLATFORM® is a solution specifically developed to serve your business in the most comprehensive way – if you want to see it in action, book a demo now >>