parallel importer after EU FMD

[Webinar]: Keep the Pace of Parallel Trade Track & Trace

Parallel Importers under the EU FMD


It’s been one year since the European Union adopted the Falsified Medicines Directive as a means of combatting counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry. What has changed after EU FMD for the Parallel Traders?

In this webinar, SoftGroup’s Track & Trace experts will focus the attention on the issues that still need to be addressed, including the requirements and responsibilities for Pharma Parallel Importers, how the main process is happening as well as some key points for Pharmaceutical Parallel Traders and best practices.


You will learn:


  • Requirements and responsibilities for Pharma Parallel Importers
  • How the main process is happening?
  • Falsified Medicines Directive in Europe: Key points for Pharmaceutical Parallel Traders
  • Best practices


Ask Your Questions


Besides the webinar’s video recording is available on-demand, you can ask your questions at any time. SoftGroup’s experts will clarify all doubts about the parallel import after the EU FMD. Send your questions at the



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