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[Blog] Pharma Industry Trends 2024


Discover the most crucial trends ahead of the Pharma industry in 2024


Talking about the future, we could declare the pharma industry is one of the most future-driven industries. The impact of digitalization significantly influences Pharmaceuticals due to а large set of applicable technologies and solutions that arise within a short period. Thus, from Pharma`s point of view, 2024 could be described in three words – medicine safety, sustainability, and patient engagement. No matter how familiar you are with these terms, you should know that together they could form a new era in the Pharma industry – an era of “Technology beyond Manufacturing”. How? Here is the answer >>






Medicine safety


As a Track and Trace provider for more than 20 years, the upcoming regulatory frameworks and requirements are areas, we are very acquainted with. The establishment of traceability systems and respectively the emergence of normative requirements will continue. Africa, CIS Region, and North America are some of the regions that continue working quite proactively on developing their traceability mechanisms and going them live. In the upcoming blog, you could discover more specifically which regulatory compliance deadline we are looking for in 2024.


medicine safety





Environmental protection has been on point in the last few years. The portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions increased its size, offering a large set of diverse options. Some of them caught more attention of themselves, becoming a trend. Trendy sustainable pharmaceutical packaging practices are:


  • Embrace the use of biodegradable materials – the transition to plant-based sources for packaging is a sensitive topic because the new materials must be able to protect the pharmaceutical product. Due to these precautions, the materials must comply with stringent regulatory requirements concerning their ability to be safe and efficient;
  • Packaging based on recycling and waste reduction – the minimization of waste production is closely related to the optimization of the different parts of the packaging process. As a part of the optimization, is the implementation of recyclable packaging. Moreover, placing returnable and refillable packaging services could play a significant role in the establishment of sustainable packaging processes and reduction in the environmental footprint;
  • Ink replacement – sustainable alternatives of the inks used in the packaging processes have already appeared. Such eco-friendly options are vegetable, soy, algae, and water-based inks.


sustainable pharma



Patient Engagement


Regarding the Pharma industry, the presence and application of the concept of patient-centricity is inevitable. Building solutions around end-user needs and preferences is a must due to the resultant massive influence on patients` engagement. It is a well-known fact that the “personal touch” is important for whoever user. In the Pharmaceutical market, the personalization of medicines is not a simple task. That is why the trend for customizable label options has been welcomed with open arms. Moreover, the development of various mobile applications for monitoring individual health status eases and engages the patients with the healthcare providers.





These trends form the modern and transforming look of the Pharma industry. The application of such technology advancements could lead manufacturing beyond its original concept of technical feasibility. Thus, this objective is long-term, it is significant progress that the business`s focus and efforts are directed toward a future-ready and sustainable world after all.