dietary supplements regulations worldwide

[Blog] Regulations` mosaic: A look at dietary supplements requirements

Dietary supplements are products containing concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances such as vitamins, minerals, products of animal origin, amino acids, metabolites, etc.







The definition of these products is different according to the country. In China they are called Health food, in the EU – Food supplements, in Canada – Natural health products, in the USA – Dietary supplements, and so on.


During the last years, the dietary supplements market has grown and become more lucrative respectfully importance of ensuring product quality has increased. Therefore, the call for global quality standards and enhanced focus on the regulatory challenges associated with dietary supplements are more than necessary.


It is known that in contrast to pharmaceuticals, food supplements are loosely regulated. However, there are countries all over the world where the industry of food supplements is regulated. In this article, we will make a summary of the topic.


Here is a list of countries which have written regulations about dietary supplements:


  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Russia
  • Oman
  • Indonesia
  • USA


Dietary supplements serialization is a critical aspect of quality control, regulatory compliance, and consumer safety within the dietary supplement industry.

It helps ensure that consumers are receiving genuine and safe products and allows regulatory authorities to monitor the market more effectively.


Dietary supplements serialization



Regulated countries, but without serialization requirements


In Jordan, Kuwait and Morocco there are regulations for dietary supplements, but not currently mandated to implement serialization.

In Australia, there is no separate regulatory category for dietary supplements. All supplements are either considered as foods or medicines, depending on the supplement’s individualistic features.


Regulated countries without serialization



In the EU, food supplements are regulated as foods. This is the reason why, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, importer, supplier or distributor to ensure that a food supplement placed on the market is safe.



Countries without official dietary supplement regulations


There are a lot of countries in which official information about dietary supplement regulations cannot be found. In this category is included CIS region for instance.


In our next article, we will give you more detailed information about the serialization of dietary supplements in the countries where it is required.