Serialization deadline in Jordan expanded by JFDA

[Blog] Serialization deadline in Jordan expanded by JFDA


JFDA extended the implementation deadline for DataMatrix and serialization on secondary packaging on regulated pharmaceutical products until 30 September 2023.







Journey towards traceability implementation


Jordan announced the implementation of pharma serialization in 2017. The first phase included a transition period during which 2D DataMatrix codes were allowed for secondary packaging. It is important to note that serialization was not yet mandatory during this period lasting for a whole year until June 2018. The next phase focused on the implementation of serialization specifically for 2D codes. The aim was to have the entire Jordanian Track & Trace system fully operational by the beginning of 2020.


Nonetheless, the Serialization of secondary packaging on regulated pharmaceutical products deadline in Jordan was postponed several times by JFDA.


The current deadline for achieving full implementation is September 30, 2023.





Current track and trace requirements


The JFDA has established specific requirements for product labelling and packaging to ensure consumer safety and information transparency. The requirements for pharma serialization in Jordan are based on GS1 standards.


In general, the barcode must contain the following information:

  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • Serial Number (SN)
  • Batch/ Lot number
  • Expiry date


The human-readable part must include the same elements, as the manufacturing data (MFD) and National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN) are optional.





Market overview


According to statistical data from the Amman Chamber of Industry, the medical industries and the medical supplies sector performed well during the first quarter of 2023 year.


The Jordanian government is continuing to make coherent efforts to fulfil the local pharmaceutical sector’s potential by maximizing the country’s strategic location and well-developed infrastructure. As part of these efforts, the Ministry of Health has launched new initiatives to address the ongoing drug shortages across the country’s health centers in order to ensure greater consistency of care.


At the same time, the sector benefits from the expansion of existing factories, the introduction of new highly effective production lines, investments in research and development, the pursuit of new non-traditional export markets, and the acquisition of international recognition attesting to the high quality of Jordanian goods.